Asset Assurance

Prove your digital Assets Ownership
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A zero-knowledge proof of your digital assets ownership


Our use of zero-knowledge technology ensures the privacy of your keys and addresses while asserting the proof


Our protocol allows the digital asset owner to independently publish verifiable proofs without the need for any third parties


Proof generation is done in an air-gapped environment and is quantum-safe unlike current digital signing techniques


Algorithm-based software designed to ensure privacy of your digital assets


Using our MPC-in-the-head algorithms to self-generate a non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, you can demonstrate ownership of your digital assets

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The use of zero-knowledge proofs is complemented with suitable data structures so that end-to-end privacy is preserved from proof generation to proof verification. 

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Enabling Individuals and Businesses with AStablish Proofs And Verification

AStablish Your Digital Wealth

If you are a high-networth individual (HNWI) with significant holdings of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, you can now securely use AStablish to prove your digital wealth to financial institutions and attain the status of accredited investor (AI) for access to a wider range of investment products and services. What’s more, with our zero-knowledge proof, your keys and wallet addresses remain private and quantum-safe.

Verify Ownership of Digital Assets more Effectively and Efficiently

Economies all over the globe are going digital, business transactions are being conducted electronically with digital payments becoming more widespread. As more of your clients start to transact in and hold digital currencies as part of their operations, your work to audit such holdings becomes more complex. Given the lack of tangible form, it becomes more challenging to verify your clients’ ownership of digital assets as you would need to understand the underlying cryptographic implementation while ensuring that sensitive information such as the keys and wallet addresses data are not revealed. AStablish enables you to verify companies’ ownership of digital assets securely and accurately, without revealing sensitive client data, thereby protecting your clients’ privacy as well as the integrity of their digital assets holdings.

Gain Your Customers’ Trust and Confidence

Owners of cryptocurrencies want to stake their coins using credible exchanges. Investors and traders wish to confidently transact on exchanges that are financially sound and reputable. As an exchange, it is important that you demonstrate your good financial standing to your customers to gain their trust and confidence. With AStablish, you can now securely generate and publish proofs of all the crypto assets under your ownership anytime and independently without the need for a third-party. As the AStablish solution is non-interactive, it does not require you to initiate any 'send to self' transactions or digital signatures to generate the proofs. This will also ensure that your keys and wallet addresses remain private and your crypto assets quantum-safe.

AStablish Your Assets

Business transactions conducted using digital currencies and tokenized assets will become more widespread as the acceptance of such methods by your customers and suppliers become mainstream. It is a matter of time that cryptocurrencies and other digital tokens become part of your trading assets. With AStablish, your enterprise can easily prove its digital assets holdings and use this for various business purposes such as obtaining bank loans, insurance coverage and trade financing or enter commercial transactions that require a demonstration of your enterprise's financial standing.

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